Providing Eye Care in Ghana


Funding for the work of the Jachie Eye Clinic mainly comes from three sources:

  • The National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) of Ghana. This is a bit like National Insurance in the UK. Many people in Ghana subscribe to this scheme which then enables them to obtain basic healthcare services from registered health care facilities such as Jachie Eye Clinic. However, income from this source falls well below what is required to run the clinic.
  • Glasses sold by the clinic, made in the clinic workshop.
  • From donations from supporters and charitable institutions. The clinic would not be able to function without this support.

You can financially support the clinic by sending donations via the office of St Barnabas church, Middlesbrough, UK. If you are a tax payer, your donation can be gift-aided.

If you are an eye care professional and may be interested in spending some time at Jachie, then please do contact us.

Page last updated May 2020
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