Providing Eye Care in Ghana

Support for blind children

Currently, Jachie Eye Clinic supports 30 blind children. This means providing subsistence payments, funding for medication and surgery, school fees, and Braille machines. Some of these children attend Akropong school for the blind – a residential school about five hours drive away. (This school has 300 students who board. Adults who have become blind also attend to learn Braille and life skills).

A Braille machine (pictured to the right) is a vital piece of equipment for blind students. The clinic helps to buy machines and paper for the most underprivileged blind children.

Some of the students supported by Jachie clinic who attend Akropong school are shown below.
Back row: Alex, Ibrahim, David and Benjamin.
Front row: Issy, Nana, Evelyn, Samuela.

Students at Akropong school

Students at Akropong school

Alex is blind because of glaucoma as a child. He can only see hand movements.
Ibrahim was born with white eyes.
David is doing really well at the blind school. His family support him and his older brothers help him. He has experienced stigma and discrimination. He wants to study law and make a difference.
Issy is from the Volta region. Her mother contracted measles when she was pregnant, leaving Issy blind.
Nana was born prematurely. Both her parents have died. She was at an orphanage for five years before her blindness was picked up by routine screening.

Eben (below), who is totally blind, was the first blind child the clinic supported at the age of three. He read political science at the Legon Accra and came out with a first.

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Braille machine

Braille machine