Providing Eye Care in Ghana

Outreach and School Screening

Outreach clinics are intended to detect treatable eye conditions as early as possible, particularly in children. The clinic now has two vehicles which means that outreach is now a major part of the work.

Outreach can be over two hours drive away. Up to 250 patients can be seen on an outreach day. Outreach clinics are often publicised through local churches and held in the church building.

In 2017 a team from Holland visited to help with outreach activities….

School Screening

This is a rolling programme of visits to primary and secondary schools. Following initial screening tests of vision and an inspection of the eye and the retina (back of the eye), up to 1 in 6 children are referred to the main clinic for more detailed review. This could be for problems ranging from refractive errors (such as short or long sight) requiring glasses, to more serious sight-threatening conditions.

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And see the annual reports for more details.

Page last updated October 2019
New vehicle

Vehicle used for outreach