Providing Eye Care in Ghana

Main clinic

Jachie Eye Clinic was first opened in 2002. Initially the clinic was open three days a week, with outreach on the remaining days with a donated vehicle. A second vehicle was purchased in 2011. The clinic in now open five days a week. Every patient is registered with a clinic card and a set of notes. Treatment and diagnoses data are collected for the Ghanaian National Health Insurance Scheme.

When patients attend the eye clinic, other checks are made: weight, blood pressure, and a check for diabetes. High blood pressure (hypertension) is common. Non-eye problems are referred to the government health centre next door.

Ensuring the ongoing education of the staff is important to maintain high standards in the clinic; through journals, conferences and the internet.

Optical Workshop

One of the rooms in the clinic is used as an optical workshop which makes glasses for clients.

Optical lab makes glasses

Optical lab makes glasses

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And see the annual reports for more details.

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Main clinic building

Main clinic building