Providing Eye Care in Ghana

About the Eye Clinic

Jachie Eye Clinic was established in April 2002. It is a member of the Christian Health Association of Ghana. From its humble beginning it has now grown to the following:

  • A dedicated clinic building, and also added in 2019/20 a separate building a short distance from the clinic that houses a modern operating theatre, laser treatment room, and a diagnostic room.
  • 30 employees, including: an ophthalmologist, optometrists, optician, ophthalmic nurse, staff nurses, record officers, accountant, dispensing officer, health assistants, driver.
  • Eye care services for the diagnosis and treatment of eye conditions such as refractive error, glaucoma, cataract, uveitis, conjunctivitis, etc.
  • 30 blind children are supported: subsistence payments, funding for medication and surgery, school fees, Braille machines.
  • Outreach clinics at community centres, etc.
  • Screening for eye problems in local schools.

See more detail on the following topics:

Main clinic
Separate building for surgery, laser and diagnostics
Outreach and school screening
Common eye conditions seen at the clinic
Support for blind children

And see the annual reports for more details.

Page last updated May 2020