Providing Eye Care in Ghana

About the Eye Clinic

Jachie Eye Clinic was established in April 2002. It is a member of the Christian Health Association of Ghana. From its humble beginning it has now grown to the following:

  • A dedicated clinic building.
  • 19 employees, including: optometrists, optician, nurses, record officers, accountants, dispensing officer, health assistants, driver.
  • Eye care services: visual acuity check, intraocular pressure check, diagnosis and treatment of eye conditions such as uveitis, glaucoma, conjunctivits, etc.
  • 27 blind children are supported: subsistence payments, funding for medication and surgery, school fees, Braille machines.
  • Outreach clinics at community centres, etc.
  • Screening for eye problems in local schools.

See more detail on the following topics:

Main clinic
Outreach and school screening
Common eye conditions seen at the clinic
Support for blind children

And see the annual reports for more details.


Page last updated August 2017